IT Infrastructure Library

9 November, 2016

Webcast – Driving Effective CSI

Webcast – Driving Effective CSI at a Global Telco… a case study.   We invite you to hear Craig Lindley, former Manager, Service Management Office for a Global Telecommunications Provider share the challenges and rewards […]
25 January, 2016

Webcast – Why Bother Trying to Improve?

Why Bother Trying to Improve… When no one will pay for it?   How do you justify spending money on short-term initiatives to drive longer-term continual service improvement? Or what happens when an improvement plan […]
21 October, 2015

Webcast – ITSM Tool Health Check

ITSM Tool Health Check A Case Study   Is your ITSM tool no longer delivering optimal outcomes? Is your dilemma whether to ‘rip and replace’, or to fix and upgrade? Is your supporting ITSM tool […]
1 June, 2009

Whitepaper – Using ITIL in an Economic Downturn

7 Ways ITIL Can Help You in an Economic Downturn Making the business case for IT Service Management is a necessary step toward gaining management commitment, and effectively communicating the benefits of process improvement to […]
14 August, 2007

Presentation – Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Mind Your P’s and Q’s This presentation, delivered at the 2007 itSMF Australia National conference, explores the use of best practices for the management of IT Performance and Service Quality through the use of Business […]