ITSM Awareness Simulations

If your executive team requires an introductory overview to IT Service Management or you are looking for an education offering that would suit an overall ITSM awareness campaign, we have several options available to suit your specific requirements.

PoleStar ITSM Simulation

Experiential Learning at its Best
The business benefits attained with IT Service Management (ITSM) best practice frameworks and standards such as ITIL® and ISO/IEC 20000 are well known. Service Management greatly enhances the efficiency of day-to-day operations and ensures effective integration between the business and IT. However, driving widespread adoption and acceptance of service management can be quite a challenge. Getting general staff and decision makers "on board" with Service Improvement initiatives can become an expensive and time-consuming education proposition.
PoleStar ITSM is an interactive training simulation that offers a dynamic and energetic way to accelerate the understanding, involvement, and acceptance of ITIL and ITSM best practices. Facilitated in the fast world of a global online retailer, PoleStar ITSM brings to life the behavioural and process issues faced by IT service providers today. This is achieved by providing participants with a realistic scenario to which they can directly relate. This unique experiential learning approach causes breakthrough understanding of ITSM and ITIL best practice and transforms learning into an engaging, fun and highly memorable shared experience.

How It Works

Delivered over 3 to 5 rounds, the PoleStar simulation is designed to introduce key ITSM concepts from ITIL or ISO/IEC 20000 through a variety of gaming dynamics. The simulation structure reflects the service management lifecycle approach as defined by ITIL.

In addition, the simulation experience continues between rounds through defined transition phases which require the participants engagement in planning for strategic and operational continuous service improvements.

The Benefits

  • Accelerated understanding of the benefits of ITSM best practices to large audiences
  • Rapid understanding of ITSM terminology and processes
  • Understand how ITSM underpins the achievement of Business and IT objectives
  • Understand the benefits that ITSM delivers in real business terms

Workshop Duration

The ITSM Awareness and PoleStar ITSM Simulation workshops can be delivered as either half-day or full-day events.

Executive Overview (½ Day)

This Service Management Executive Overview is a half-day workshop that provides business managers with an overview of ITIL® and ISO/IEC 20000 and discusses issues relating to the planning and implementation of Service Management. This workshop incorporates the use of the PoleStar ITSM Simulation to easily and effectively demonstrate the benefits to senior managers.

ITSM Awareness (1 Day)

The IT Service Management (ITSM) Awareness workshop uses the PoleStar ITSM simulation to teach the principles of Service Management in a fun and highly memorable way. Delivered either stand-alone or combined with our Introductory Overview workbook, this option provides a truly effective way of managing cultural change that differs from simply "rolling out" ITIL® training to all IT staff.
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