Strategy & Governance

Effective strategy, planning and governance for the delivery of real business outcomes.

The following service options focus on effective strategy and planning within the context of a broader Business Service Excellence portfolio.

Strategy 1

Service Management Plan

It was once wisely said that “to fail to plan, is to plan to fail” and yet the reality today is that few IT departments have actually established a formal plan to underpin their service management initiatives. As a result, process managers end up developing their own improvement plans in isolation from one another, rather than looking to establish an overarching governance framework that brings the whole management system together. The most effective way to address this issue is by using ISO/IEC 20000, the international standard for Service Management. By leveraging Solisma’s extensive experience and documentation template library, we help you “plan to succeed” by providing you with a comprehensive standards-based Service Management Plan to get you started.

Strategy 2

Service Management System

Many organisations tend to adopt only a limited selection of ITIL® processes, without having ever considered the need for taking a planned and integrated approach to service management. This usually results in processes that eventually plateau in their maturity and fail to achieve a breakthrough result. With Solisma’s help, you can reach the next stage of maturity by establishing a service management system that meets essential best practice requirements for managing processes and services throughout their lifecycle. Our focus is on equipping and enabling you with the skills to establish and improve your service management capability the most pragmatic and cost-effective way possible.

Strategy 3

Integrated Management System

Rather than establishing individual frameworks and standards in isolation from one another, an increasing number of organisations are opting to take an integrated management systems approach. The benefits of this include reduced costs and greater levels of quality, value and agility across the organisation. At Solisma, we have an established track record in helping organisations successfully integrate key standards in Service Management (ISO/IEC 20000), Information Security (ISO/IEC 27001), Software Asset (ISO/IEC 19770) and Quality Management (ISO 9001) and other related frameworks including ITIL, COBIT, PMBOK/PRINCE2 and CMMI and Lean.

Strategy 4

Benefits Realisation & Reporting

Many organisations are bogged down with unnecessary reporting that doesn’t provide a measure of what is strategically and tactically important... need we say more! This popular service offers an objective and independent viewpoint and review of metrics, KPIs, reports and scorecards, especially as they relate to demonstrating benefits in strategic ITSM improvement initiatives. Our analysis includes a review of the alignment of your initiatives with strategic business objectives and recommendations to bring operations back in line with the company’s strategic orientation.