Optimise Process

Deliver greater value, agility and quality with an optimal adoption of industry best practice.

The following service options focus on effective process management within the context of a broader Business Service Excellence portfolio.

Process 1

Compliance & Maturity Assessments

The first step in continual improvement should begin with an understanding of your current state. Solisma provides a complete service for rapidly and accurately assessing the compliance, capability and maturity of your processes and management systems, and determining which areas to focus on next. Choose from a range of options to get started, from performing a quick process capability scan, through to a comprehensive assessment against a range of industry best practice frameworks and standards. For more information, be sure to check out Solisma's Service Improvement Manager (SIM) software; the world’s most comprehensive continual improvement solution.

Process 2

Service Improvement Roadmaps

Following the completion of your assessment, a variety of baseline compliance, maturity and quality measures and improvement tasks are provided along with forecasts of your future target levels. Our consulting experts will guide you through the process of setting up an improvement initiative, complete with activities, costs and savings to form a comprehensive business case for improvement. Service Improvement Manager (SIM) can also be leveraged to allocate activities to individuals, obtain regular reports on progress, and to monitor progress, performance and benefits realisation using the built-in reporting capability.

Process 3

Process Design & Implementation

Solisma’s process design and implementation service provides you with a proven best practice approach for establishing, managing and improving your processes in a pragmatic and cost-effective way. Further options include defining performance benchmarks and indicators that are closely aligned with business objectives, identifying risks and improvement opportunities, defining service models and establishing measurable service level targets across your operations teams and suppliers. Our Consultants are seasoned best practice experts, and organisations locally and internationally provide testament to the effectiveness of this service in improving quality, value and agility. We take a consultative approach that also considers the impact on people and how the process will deliver operationally.

Process 4

Continual Improvement as a Service

In today’s competitive landscape, projects and changing business needs are placing increasing pressure on internal resources, leaving teams with little time to focus on identifying and managing proactive improvement opportunities. To this end, Solisma offers Continual Improvement as a Service. This service has been specially designed to give you the objective and independent focus you need to assess, identify and proactively manage improvements to all of your processes, tools and systems. Contact us today, to find out how this service can be tailored to meet your specific needs and help you move from a reactive to a proactive and continually improving organisation.