Harness Technology

Select, implement and leverage technology solutions to optimise process performance and service outcomes.

The following service options focus on leveraging appropriate tools and technology within the context of a broader Business Service Excellence portfolio.

Technology 1

Vendor Independent Analysis

The implementation of technology solutions is often seen as a “silver bullet” to addressing all IT Service related challenges. The reality is that organisations embarking on service management programmes are often in the initial stages of major transformations where strategy, operating models, processes, personal capability and organisational culture will be impacted. Solisma provides an investigative study and assistance with addressing wider service management issues. In the case of tool implementation projects, this service is designed to assist with project scoping, reducing project risk and delay, improving outcomes and substantiating return on investment.

Technology 2

Tool Guidance & Selection

As a vendor-neutral consulting service provider, Solisma has extensive experience in helping organisations choose the best software solutions to meet their specific business requirements. Our selection process covers a wide range of factors including consideration of people, process, technology, stakeholder and budgetary requirements and limitations. To that end, we have developed a robust set of intellectual property that can be used to drive faster requirements analysis, shortlisting and selection of the most suitable software solution. Our approach gives you the flexibility to scale up or down the level of support you require, so that the outcome for you is an expedited and unbiased assessment of the ITSM technology solution best suited to your needs.

Technology 3

ITSM Solution Healthcheck

The implementation of a new ITSM solution often comes with expectations of improved processes, services, quality and agility. Yet for many organisations, the benefits that were promised are either not fully realised, process improvements become stagnated, or general issues continue to hamper the delivery of optimal service. Solisma’s ITSM solution healthcheck is a unique service designed to specifically examine these issues in detail. Following our assessment, we provide you with an independent report on the fundamental service issues and constraints, with improvement recommendations that focus on addressing relevant people, processes and technology concerns in order to realise the maximum value from your investment.

Technology 4

Service Automation

Organisations are continually looking for ways to increase service efficiency, quality and decrease the time to respond to new digital opportunities in the market. In response to this, service automation can significantly expedite the delivery of quality services whilst reducing required resources and associated costs. Solisma’s consultants understand the landscape of existing ITSM and business process technology solutions and can work with you to quickly identify opportunities for automation of your processes and services, delivering significant efficiency and cost savings to the business.