Empower People

Engage, equip and empower people and partners to deliver on strategic and tactical priorities.

The following service options focus on empowering your people within the context of a broader Business Service Excellence portfolio.

People 1

Team Capability Analysis

Excellence in service delivery cannot be achieved without an empowered team, with the right competency, delivering on your programme. Solisma’s Team Capability Analysis introduces the concepts and techniques to develop effective competency levels within your IT Services organisation. The programme commences with a summary baseline of the currently held/required competency, within the context of current organisational Human Resources constructs. Various levels of management are engaged as appropriate to assess, interpret, and plan to achieve the required outcome in capability uplift.

People 2

Education & Enablement

Solisma provides a comprehensive range of high quality accredited educational offerings for the collective benefit of our customers and education partners. With a focus on IT Service Management, our ITIL® and ISO/IEC 20000 training courses are suited to general IT staff, team leaders and senior managers alike. Customised courses also draw on a range of related best practice methodologies IT Governance, Security and Supplier Management frameworks and standards. Solisma is Australia’s leading independent provider of IT Service Management and related training for customised, online, blended and instructor-led courses.

People 3

Service Culture Change

Sourcing the right personnel competency and training is only half the story when it comes to developing a culture that places high value on delivering excellent service to customers. For many, the development of a positive service culture is an integral part in both fostering a sense of community within the organisation and being able to deliver on service commitments to customers. Our experienced Change Managers can work with your team to create plans for fostering a service-based culture within the organisation and delivering measurable outcomes for excellence in customer service.

People 4

Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Organisations are increasingly leveraging multiple providers, vendors and partners to deliver on their IT requirements, reduce costs and source and deliver the best service to their customers. Such multi-sourcing environments by their very nature result in greater complexity in managing relationships, contracts, processes, systems and technology. Although the term Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is somewhat new, Solisma’s consultants have for years been helping organisations leverage best practices to integrate, manage and measure supplier performance and quality to achieve the greatest outcome for the business.