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Business Service Excellence

Many IT organisations today struggle with the ability to balance the need for increased agility, whilst maintaining high levels of service quality and delivery of value to the business. Yet the reality is that a continuing business drive to increase agility will inadvertently have an adverse affect on at least one of the other areas as well. So the question therefore remains as to how all three can be balanced in order to achieve a greater outcome for both the Business and IT.

The often-overlooked solution to this dilemma lies in the adoption of an integrated management systems approach that brings together leading business excellence, service and supplier management standards into a cohesive management framework. At Solisma, we refer to this as Business Service Excellence.
At Solisma, our focus is on equipping and enabling teams with the skills and expertise they need to bring together Service Management, IT Governance, Information Security, Software Asset, Quality and Business Excellence best practices in the most pragmatic and cost-effective way. Our consulting services span the following four areas in order to help you to achieve true Business Service Excellence.

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Business Service Excellence describes a fundamental shift from simply managing 'IT Services' towards a new level of business integration and the delivery of 'Business Services' that are underpinned by shared strategies, plans, goals and objectives. Contact Solisma today to find out how Solisma can help you achieve real Business Service Excellence.