Service Improvement Manager

Integrated Assurance - Made Easy

Service Improvement Manager (SIM) is a comprehensive “Integrated Assurance” solution for the management of risk, compliance and quality across all aspects of the organisation.


An holistic approach to protecting stakeholder interests

Service Improvement Manager provides senior executives and managers with visibility and reporting capabilities that are essential for protecting the interests of the organisation’s stakeholders. Leverage a dynamic consolidated dashboard of Risk, Compliance and Quality functions to effectively lead the organisation, evaluate requirements, direct policies and plans, and monitor ongoing performance.


Effectively manage business and operational risk

Identify, quantify and communicate risks, justify risk management expenditure and track the performance of risk management programs without spreadsheets and over-complication. Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Treatment, Linked Controls, and Dynamic Risk Scoring are now structured and efficient. Access pre-established control libraries, based on best practice standards and frameworks, to provide added assurance.


Actively meet legislative and regulatory requirements

Service Improvement Manager simplifies the process of meeting organisational compliance requirements and obligations. Leverage a range of leading frameworks and standards to establish appropriate controls to ensure policies and procedures are being followed, reviewed and managed. Choose from an extensive library of best practice to undertake regular reviews, identify gaps and see dynamic, real-time progress on identified issues, non-conformances, controls and risks across departments or functional areas.


No more spreadsheets! Drive continual improvement with ease

Assess, track, monitor and improve reporting for quality management programmes. Automatically generate improvement roadmaps in minutes based on a variety of best practice standards and frameworks. Use the easy cost-benefit analysis to build a business case and then track the ROI and benefit of improvement programmes over time. The individual and summarised dashboards monitor progress of improvement programmes, with automation that sends timely reminders of tasks that need to be completed.

Integrated Controls Library

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Integrated Central Registers provide a window to Governance, Risk, Compliance and Quality (GRC+Q) status that can be viewed by function or department, or based on an individual's level of responsibility and security access. SIM’s common controls library offers a simplified means of linking controls to both risk and compliance records for dynamic reporting and analysis, giving top management relevant insights as necessary to drive effective corporate and enterprise governance. 

Frameworks and Standards

Integrated Assurance - Made Easy

Service Improvement Manager brings together our years of consulting experience and extensive knowledge into a complete cloud-based solution that lets you measure, manage and improve your business services and processes in a pragmatic and cost-effective way.

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