Governance as a Service

Helping you achieve Integrated Assurance

Are you struggling to find the time and resources to achieve integrated assurance for your business? Leverage our expertise to help you establish and manage your governance, risk compliance and quality framework. Our solutions allow for the scope, requirements and costs to be aligned with your specific requirements.
Suited to organisations of all shapes and sizes, Solisma provides a comprehensive governance-as-a-service offering to help you achieve effective integrated assurance for your business.

What's Included?


Service Improvement Manager
An annual enterprise subscription to Service Improvement Manager (SIM), the world’s most comprehensive GRC+Q solution. SIM includes an extensive library of common controls used to increase compliance, manage risk and to measure capability & maturity against best practice frameworks.


Getting Started Quickly and Easily
Our rapid deployment framework is designed to help you establish an effective governance framework to suit your requirements. Workshops include the definition of key business risks, compliance requirements, and outlining the required capability improvements.


Assessments & Continual Improvement
Embedded in the service is a schedule of internal audits against one or more industry best practice frameworks and standards as required. Management reports consist of the results of internal audits, progress against planned improvements, and the effectiveness of controls used to manage risk and compliance.


Subject Matter Experts and Guidance
Our subject matter experts are on-hand to assist with specific questions or to provide guidance and support for completing your process improvement activities and initiatives. We monitor and review your controls and initiatives on a regular basis to ensure progress is being made and can provide additional support for your team as required.
Solisma's proven approach to Continual Improvement is based on internationally recognised and integrated Business Service Excellence practices. This helps to free your team to focus on other activities and gives you the peace of mind knowing that improvements and process controls are being identified, planned and measured in a structured manner.
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