Continual Improvement as a Service

Helping you keep the 'Continual' in Continual Improvement

Have you ever wondered why processes need to be documented from scratch, supporting tools need to be re-implemented, services continue to deliver at a sub-optimal levels, and effective service integration and management are beyond reach? In many cases Continual Improvement is seen just as a reactive activity, not having been formally planned, established and managed.
Many organisations struggle with ensuring that staff resources are available to focus on continual improvement. Solisma’s Continual Improvement as a Service provides you with ongoing assistance for your team to drive assessments, planning and the implementation of improvements with a fully structured and supported approach.

What's Included?


Service Improvement Manager
An annual enterprise subscription to Service Improvement Manager (SIM), the world’s most comprehensive cloud-based continual improvement solution. SIM includes an extensive range of best practice libraries for assessing process compliance and maturity and for managing and tracking your improvement plans with ease.


Annual Compliance & Maturity Assessments
A baseline compliance and maturity assessment performed by Solisma subject matter experts. Assessments and audits can be tailored to your specific requirements to cover a wide range of international standards and best practice frameworks. Solisma’s consultants can fulfil the role of second-party auditor if certification to an ISO standard is required.


Improvement Roadmap & Business Case Development
Following each assessment or audit, our consultants work with your key process or quality managers to begin building comprehensive improvement plans. Each plan essentially includes a business case detailing activities, costs, savings and benefits realisation targets so that you can determine which initiatives to focus on first.


Subject Matter Experts and Guidance
Our subject matter experts are on-hand to assist with specific questions or to provide guidance and support for completing your process improvement activities and initiatives. We monitor and review your initiatives on a regular basis to ensure progress is being made and can provide additional support for your team as required.
Solisma's proven approach to Continual Improvement is based on internationally recognised and integrated Business Service Excellence practices. This helps to free your team to focus on other activities and gives you the peace of mind knowing that improvements are being identified, planned and measured in a structured manner.
Contact us today and put the 'Continual' back into Continual Improvement.