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15 July, 2015

Whitepaper – When Less is Really More

When Less is Really More This whitepaper presents practical options and approaches to balancing Quality, Value and Agility, especially at this time when many IT departments are still being asked to do more with less. […]
20 March, 2015

Whitepaper – Agile and Responsive ITSM

Guiding Principles for Agile and Responsive ITSM Business and IT landscapes are increasingly dynamic and complex and the rate of change accelerates with each passing year. If your organisation is unable to handle high volumes […]
14 August, 2013

Presentation – Gamification for ITSM

Gamification for ITSM Go For Gold: Presentation at the 2012 itSMF Conference This presentation includes the introductory slides used at the interactive session on gamification delivered at the itSMF Australia 2012 conference. Included is a […]
6 November, 2012

Presentation – From Silos to Systems

From Silos to Systems Developing an Effective ITSM Performance Management System This presentation on Performance Management delivered at both the itSMF Australia and UK conferences in 2011 and builds upon an earlier presentation that examined […]
24 September, 2010

Presentation – The Case for CMMI-SVC

The Case for CMMI-SVC This presentation was first delivered at the itSMF Australia conference in 2010. It considers how CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) can be used to enhance the adoption of frameworks and standards such […]
1 June, 2009

Whitepaper – Using ITIL in an Economic Downturn

7 Ways ITIL Can Help You in an Economic Downturn Making the business case for IT Service Management is a necessary step toward gaining management commitment, and effectively communicating the benefits of process improvement to […]
14 August, 2008

Presentation – Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s

Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s This presentation was first delivered at the itSMF Australia National Conference in August 2008 and subsequently updated and delivered again at the South Australia branch seminar due to […]
14 August, 2007

Presentation – Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Mind Your P’s and Q’s This presentation, delivered at the 2007 itSMF Australia National conference, explores the use of best practices for the management of IT Performance and Service Quality through the use of Business […]